Concrete Wave was initially conceived as a vehicle to help drive fundraising for a skatepark in Swanley, one of the more deprived areas of Kent- although only a 25 minute commute from London. Witnessing the lack of motivation among young people there, 

 Appreciating that similar schemes exist for youths in Inner City London, our focus lies with those outside- chiefly areas of Kent that have 6th form pupils who want to take part.


A new program, to level the playing field, by giving 6th form pupils access to successful people in the City of London and business world. 

it is our aim to provide mentoring and short paid work placements with smaller City firms- firstly through our personal and professional networks- being on hand to talk candidates through what to wear, how to act, to help calm nerves.

Concrete Wave C.I.C. will team up and work with partners to make sure all pupils can access this program with all the support they need to make the most of it.

Our first program will launch soon.