Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. - The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Concrete Wave C.I.C. will work to identify local projects within the South East of England and help to implement them with local community driven fundraising initiatives. CW aims to help add an alternative approach to making public projects happen by being the glue to bring the community together to drive it from beginning to end.

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Concrete Wave will work within communities in the South East to identify projects and launch fundraising initiatives to make them a reality. Accessing a mixture of public and private funding makes the goal that much closer.
Concrete Wave C.I.C. is running a project with the Swanley community to rebuild the St Marys Rec ground skatepark. After Lottery funding we have now raised over £200,000.
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The National Lottery award £150,000 to Swanley skatepark

TNL Community fund - http://tnlcommunityfund.org.uk/welcome - has awarded Concrete wave C.I.C. £150,000 to help build the new skatepark on St Marys rec in Swanley. town, District and count councillors were present as was MP Laura Trott. There was a real buzz around as TNL presented the cheque to JD O'Brien and Colin Milek, the young skater who is passionate about the park. Brent Lewis from http://www.farskate.co.uk was also there to discuss the importance of adding new facilities to help young people get the most from skateboarding.

Wave UP!

A new program, to level the playing field, by giving Year 12/13 pupils access to successful people in the City of London and beyond. By giving students training on how to maximise opportunities, workplace etiquette, communication and more, we want to give them the chance to earn an internship through the Wave Up program. We will run a series of conferences where students will meet from schools around Kent and the South East and start networking between themselves, ultimately giving them their own network from Wave Up.

Concrete Wave C.I.C. will team up with professionals to tell their story and share their secrets to success. Through a mix of virtual and in person sessions the candidates will get full insight and training into how to grab opportunities and turn them into something much bigger.


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